Tuesday, 15 January 2008

The Garden In November

November Garden

November can be damp, raw month. Flowers may be scarce in the garden but there are many berries, evergreen foliage and trees with decorative bark to add interest on the dullest days.


Clematis 'Golden Tiara'

Produces open lantern-flowers in bright golden yellow. Vigorous deciduous climber. Ideal site on walls and fences of any aspect or climbing through deciduous trees. Prune to 30cms from ground in spring

November at a glance;

  • Tidy the garden for winter

  • Clear out bird boxes and put out food for birds

  • Press on with winter digging

  • Plant bare-rooted trees and shrubs and new roses

  • Protect newly planted shrubs from frost and wind

  • Plant tulips

  • Protect alipnes from winter rain

  • Keep off the lawn in frosty weather

  • Plant fruit trees and bushes

  • Lift and divide any rhubarb

  • Winter prune fruit trees and bushes

Routine Tasks:

Planting & Transplanting;

November is a good time to plant new trees, shrubs and roses. And if you have been walking round the garden with a notebook in hand earlier in the year, making note of any changes to be made, then this is a good month to move plants because there is still some warmth left in the soil from summer. Larger plants are best moved first, with as much soil around the root as possible. And if they are large trees or shrubs, remember to stake tehm in again if your garden is in an exposed place. Water plants well after them and mulch with a thick layer of organic matter.

Stars among the sleepers;

This is the month when most plants become dormant and everything as far as plant growth goes shuts down for the winter; but there are some plants which begin to flower around now and carry their blooms throughout the winter months. Viburnum x bodnantense will produce exquisite pink flowers from as early as october right through the season. The flowers borne on this shrub are slao sweetly scented, and will fill the air around them with fragrance even on the coldest days. Another star is the winter flowering autumn cherry Prunus subhirtella 'Autumnalis' produces its white blossom throughout the winter.

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